Live a Better Life

Inevitably, you’re bound to come up against challenges in life, and if you’re like any of us, you do your best to get by. Relationships? Careers? Spirituality? Many times, you may find yourself not even knowing where to start. No one expects a regular person to understand physics if they’ve never taken a physics class – how can you adequately manage your life if you’ve never been taught how?

The answer: You learn.

The Light Lecture Series is a series of classroom lectures that teaches people the necessary skills to live a better life. Lecture topics include major areas of life that many people may want to improve. Lectures are offered each week and are taught by experienced teachers who have gone through a significant amount of training in psychology, counseling, and personal development.

The Light Lecture Series offers a low-pressure environment to gain the tools you need to have a great life. See what lectures are available and register.

About the Centers of Light

The Centers of Light is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that promotes positive change and personal development. As an alternative school, we offer classes that help people understand themselves better and improve the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical aspects of their lives.

Visit www.centersoflight.org for more information.