Meditation: The Basics and Beyond

Learn the basics of meditation – stilling the mind, breathing, relaxation – and then learn how to go into the realms of deeper meditation. This lecture teaches students how to ask questions and receive clear answers in meditation, and how to see aspects of themselves that they have not seen before. All experience levels are welcome.

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Meditation is a process of quieting your mind, stilling your body and letting go of the distractions of the world. In order to do so, time, practice and patience are essential. Meditation opens you up to a whole universe of change and possibility that will simplify and satisfy you. To begin, you need only to want to learn how and to have a sincere desire to move beyond your mind, into a reality that will uplift and encourage you.

Along the path to a sincere meditation, you will encounter many distractions that provide opportunities for you to strengthen your focus, and may discourage you as well. These distractions come in the form of thoughts, emotions and physical interruptions, creatively disturbing you in the way of itchiness, antsy-ness, aches and pains. At other times, your mind may come up with lists you need to make, conversations you need to have, or groceries you need to buy. In order to really settle down, your body and mind have to learn that your meditation time is valuable. In fact, when taken seriously and practiced diligently, it becomes the most sacred time of your day.

Most of our lives are spent looking outside of us for self-reflection and confirmation. The practice of going inside is new and unchartered. When you are listening to a dear friend, watching a great film or listening to a piece of music you enjoy, you are relaxed, still and focused. Meditation uses this muscle of concentration, the only difference is that you don’t have an external focal point in front of you, but rather your focal point is internal.

For you, it is much the same except the place you are reaching toward is deep inside of you. And what you are reaching for is deep inner peace. The Buddha said, “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.”

Meditation is tuning into the universal vibration which requires precision and accuracy on behalf of the meditator. When you learn to listen, you become accustomed to the sound and you rest within it. Then you truly can come into union with peace. You become a living and loving being who relates to all of life through a prism that is fueled by joy, connection and love. In fact, you begin to radiate that joy and love to all whom you meet and everything you touch. Your days turn into opportunities to share that experience and you look for ways to contribute to the continuation of this reality for yourself and others. You simply become happy.

The 18th century German poet, Goethe said, ‘‘if everyone kept their doorsteps clean then everyone’s doorsteps would be clean.’’ Meditation has the potential to have this effect on the whole planet; if everyone learned to truly meditate and really contain this union and peace inside, the world would be vastly different, radiating joy and peace. There would be a natural connectivity of people to one another and to the earth. A sense of responsibility would naturally emerge within each individual and a fresh new balance would arise. The world would be vastly different and intensely united.

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