Overcoming Bad Habits and Addictions

Addiction is one of the most common issues that people deal with every day. In this lecture, students learn about the core reasons why addictions happen using a psychological, emotional and spiritual approach. Students then receive practical steps to overcome bad habits and addictions, as well as personal support for their own negative patterns.

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Most addictions develop without much forethought. Usually, we just slip into a pattern and before we know it, we are in over our heads. It takes seven days to start a habit and 21 days to establish a habit. At the core of most habits is the desire to alleviate stress or to comfort ourselves. The comfort is self-reinforcing and we want more and more of that thing in order to feel better. An addiction is a habit that has become entrenched and resistant to change. The body, emotions and mind have become used to a particular kind of comfort and is not about to go without it even if it means using aggressive means to acquire it. When you admit to yourself that you are over your head and out of control, then you can get help in changing the pattern. Unfortunately, most people have trouble admitting there is a problem even if co-workers and friends are conscious that it is a problem for you. In your heart, you are aware that on some level, you are a victim of your addiction and know you have to change. But admitting that is the hardest thing on earth. It is humbling to admit that we are weak and not that capable of controlling our bodies, emotions or thinking. The healing can begin if your assessment of the situation is honest. Honesty gets you to ground zero and establishes a firm foundation for the beginning of the work ahead.