The Secret to Healthy and Happy Relationships

Most people try and try to make their relationships happy, strong and healthy. Nobody wants painful and messed up relationships. And yet not many people succeed at creating real happiness in their relating. The pain that we feel from unhappy relationships is powerfully strong and deep, and can make us feel unable to even function in life. Depression easily arises from relational stresses, especially from chronic troubles that just won’t seem to resolve.

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There are many books and articles giving advice on how to create a healthy relationship. You can learn how to communicate better, be a better listener, be more thoughtful and understanding. You can learn more about the opposite gender and how they are different from you. You can learn about astrological signs and how to understand the people under those signs. But there is something that is rarely, if at all, mentioned in any of those writings which could be the key to moving your life and your relationships into a whole different and better place. It has the potential for helping a relationship you are already in, and also the potential for meeting a partner who would be a good match for you. It also can make you feel better about yourself and be a better person in relationship to the rest of the world around you.

In order for a relationship to be healthy it needs the following basic elements:

  • Two people who have done some work to know themselves and recognize and own their shortcomings.
  • Partners who have worked on developing good communication skills: how to listen empathetically and how to communicate honestly.
  • People who are committed to the relationship and can be trusted to be faithful.
  • Partners who decide to not make the other person responsible for their own happiness, but holds themselves responsible for finding their own fulfillment.
  • Both people give the other person freedom to find themselves spiritually and grow emotionally and psychologically.

There is more to do to have a healthy relationship, but if you work on attaining these goals you will be on your way to having a happy relationship.

What might the secret to healthy and happy relationships be? Join us for this Light Lecture, and find out for yourself.